Honouring the Past — To Help Heal The Future

Even though I now spend much effort to keep my focus on the present moment, there are days when the past is prominent. Today marks the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. December 6 has had sobering meaning to me for the past two decades. I recall when I first heard the news of the murders. I had just returned from an abnormal psychology class held in the Engineering Building at McMaster. The parallels did not escape my consciousness. At first, I felt rage for Marc Lepine and pity for those women and their loved ones. As time has passed, however, I feel compassion for everyone involved in that particular tragedy as well as for everyone else who suffers from misogyny. Perhaps that it what I have learned from all of the personal and world tragedies I have experienced.  Hatred, ill-will and revenge only fuel more hatred, ill-will and revenge. In the end, compassion and love are all that makes sense.