Blocks Along The Way


We have all heard platitudes like ‘it’s’s darkest before the dawn’ and ‘the last part of the journey is the hardest’. Lately, though, these declarations feel truer than not. Perhaps too the grey cold days of February are weighing me down. Whatever the cause, I am feeling rather introspective lately.

In the face of endless questions and negative thoughts, I am tempted to succumb to them. This morning in meditation, though, I was struck about the potential of negative ideas to transform. Instead of being blocks along the way, maybe they present themselves to be examined and then released.

You know what, when I turned my paradigm to allow transformation,
the troubling thoughts waned in power. In fact, I had a good laugh over some of them. How ridiculous for me to believe that I am flawed, unworthy, completely screwed up! What a relief to let go of these thoughts!

Next time you notice that nagging voice trying to make you feel badly, ask ‘are you here to torment me or to release me’? Be open to the latter possibility. See where it takes you.