During this past weekend, I learned an energetic methodology called Bio-Linguistic Kinesiology. Beyond the fancy name, BLK provides a flexible system within which eneregtic patterns in the body, heart, mind and spirit can find expression. I was struck ny how much the instructor’s words resonated within me. There was a deep kind of knowing. I just needed a container for this amoprhous wisdom.

How often do I not trust my inner voice! Or rather, I need some system to legitimize it to myself and to the world. How often do you feel that deep knowing emerge? Do you honour it, or like me, need to corroborate it in the light of the logical world?

Ironically, part of my own hesitation comes from my naturopathic training. Although I learned about traditional healing, I always felt as though evidence-based medicine was more legitimate. That we should start with ‘solid’ evidence and only use the fringes of healing as a last resort.

As I practice more, I question this assumption more. Perhaps the deepest healing starts with the roots, and that leading-edge science can only fill in the gaps at the end of treatment. If so, how do I convince patients that true healing starts at the energetic/spirit level? Maybe by starting to believe this myself, by embodying this knowing in my life.