The Promise of 2012

Just before leaving for California, I visited the Mayan exhibit at Toronto’s ROM. I was amazed at the  sophistication of their astrology and art that contrasted with the brutality with which they controlled one another. So muh has been written about the meaning of the Mayan calendar, either duelling or dismissing the doom prophecies. While briefly immersed in the Mayan culture that early April morning, I thought perhaps time as we know it will indeed stop. Not only that, but perhaps we can even transform the persistent delusion that violence and fear need to frame so many of our human experiences. Beyond 2012, envisioning a world of experiencing everything in the now instead a series of separate events strung out in a linear fashion called ‘a life’. Wise women and Masters, for so many years, have shared such a possibility. Now is the opportunity to embrace this notion on a mass scale. That is truly amazing.

A New Start –Yet Again!

I ahve just returned from a lengthy sabbatical from blog-writing. How many times have I done this? Too many to count and I admonish myself every time. Spring, though, is not only a time of renewed energy but of forgiveness I think. Nature endlessly rewards us with cyclical seasons. Each year, I somehow survive the dullness of a Toronto winter and rejoice when the first blooms emerge. Mother Earth never expects perfection from me and thankfully so. And so it is that I emerge, too, in spring to share some insights from my relfective winter. I will post a few more entries in the next several days, writing about some of the wisdom I’ve gleaned in a recent silent meditation retreat.  Until then, I encourage you to put into practice some forgiveness of self and others.