Balancing Your Hormones With the Moon Cycle

As tonight there is a new moon to celebrate, I felt inspired to share my thoughts on balancing your hormones with the lunar cycle. Although different cultural traditions give different meanings to the new moon and full moon, I have learned that the new moon signals the beginning of the female hormonal cycle and the full moon is associated with ovulation. As such, you can eat foods that support the predominant hormone in the first half of your cycle, specifically estrogen. Foods like fermented soy (for those who are tolerant of soy), ground flax seeds and pumkin seeds all gently support estrogen. In the second half of your cycle, eating foods such as sesame and sunflower seeds can support progesterone which is the prominent hormone post-ovulation.

In fact, I often prescribe the ‘seed/oil protocol’ to gently bring a woman’s cycle back into balance, especially after stopping the birth control pill or whenever menses become irregular. For this protocol, you simply eat a Tablespoon or two of ground flax seed + pumpkin seeds from the new moon to the full moon. From the full moon to the new moon, switch to a Tablespoon or two of sesame + sunflower seeds. If you don’t like eating seeds, then you can take high-lignan flax oil instead of flaxseed and evening primrose oil in place of sesame/sunflower seeds.

Of course, just being aware of the lunar cycle will help to keep you connected to the natural cycles of your body and your hormones. Doing a small ritual at the new moon and full moon will aid in forging this connection. I often think of what I want to let go of at the full moon and then what I want to bring into my life at the new moon. Even a few minutes devoted to this practice can be helpful in shifting your energy in a positive direction.

So, try eating with the lunar cycle and honouring its constant ebb and flow. See how your body-mind, and specifically your hormones, respond.