Embracing Change

Since the New Year, I have been focusing on murturing my body. For much of my adult life, I have cultivated my mind, absorbing all the knowledge I possibly can. Although I still love my curious mind, I felt lopsided. My physical being felt withered under my benign neglect. So now I am eating slow- carb, healing a lingering hip injury, and having fun with exercise. All the changes I’m making are challenging but I try to avoid making them in fear. Fear is helpful to signal discomfort and give initial motivation for a change in behaviour. Living in fear, though, is ultimately destructive of the spirit. And changes made in fear are rarely sustainable. For real transformation, get clear about your endpoint. Why do you want it? What or who are motivating you? What gets your passion up? Not sure? Just follow those moments of joy in your everyday and the clarity will emerge.