Getting Into The World

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I have recently been taking golf lessons. I chose to take some lessons because I wanted to avoid developing bad habits of form and swing. I spent quite a few sessions in an indoor golf facility, letting a computer analyze my swing form, speed and yardage. I have to admit that I had trepidation about setting out on an actual golf course. What if I hit the ball errantly? What if the other golfers become impatient with my slow play? What if I make an absolute fool of myself?


On one rainy day during my holiday, I showed up to the golf course awaiting the golf pro for another lesson. He never made it to the lesson, so I was confronted with a decision. Leave the course without playing, or embark on my first round of golf. That wise little voice within me, encouraged me to get out on the course. Although I did hit a few errant balls (that’s why you call “fore!!”) and completely missed hitting the ball a couple of times, I had an absolute blast. Instead to playing three holes as I planned, I completed eight. I was actually much better playing the game than I was in the practice facility.


This experience reminded me the importance of just getting involved directly in the world. Actual experience is such an effective teacher. Although I still practice my golf skills, I crave testing myself against a golf course. It helps me to assess how I’m doing in a real world situation.

So, in the spirit of stretching yourself, what will you do today (in whatever small way) to get your amazing self into the world? Practice, yes, but flex your courage to actualize your dream.



BTW – I never did keep score of my first golf game, but I can tell you that I avoided all the water hazards and sand traps! An accomplishment in itselfJ