Having A Vision AND Routine

The key to development along the Buddhist path is repetitive routine guided by inspirational vision. It is the insight into final freedom—the peace and purity of a liberated mind—that uplifts us and impels us to overcome our limits. But it is by repetition—the methodical cultivation of wholesome practices—that we cover the distance separating us from the goal and draw ever closer to awakening.
– Bhikkhu Bodhi, “Vision and Routine
Even though this quote refers to Buddhist practice, it offers insights into naturopathic healing. While working with people, I help them clarify their vision of health. What do you feel and see when you think of your own optimal health? Each person has a unique take on this goal. Without a plan of daily action, though, such dreams never materialize.
So then the work begins — to cultivate daily habits that bring you ever so closer to the optimum of health. Merely going through the mundane activities of the day, even if they’re healthy,  can be draining. Indeed, it can be easy to think what’s the point, why bother? When habits are tied to a greater goal, however, motivation can always be renewed. 
So what is your vision of health? Immerse yourself in every sensory pleasure of that vision. And what will you do today to support this goal? Even the smallest step in that direction is important. Small changes done consistently over time make the most massive transformations. 
I would love to know how you envision your peak health and what you do to actualize it. Please leave me a note on this blog.