How Alchemy Can Help You

How Alchemy Integrative Medicine Can Help You

Natural Sleep Medicine
Do you struggle with getting asleep and/or staying asleep? Does sleep deprivation ruin your days?  Across the lifespan, there are many challenges in getting a good night’s sleep.  Since childhood, I have struggled with bouts of insomnia. So I am passionate about figuring out the best habits for restful sleep…and helping you to sleep better too. I have developed an effective and practical program to restore your sleep naturally.
Paleo/Primal/Ancestral Health & Intermittent Fasting/Ketogenic Diets
Far from being a fleeting trend, Paleo, Primal and Ancestral health approaches provide sustainable ways to improve your well-being on all levels. Ancestral health improves your health by adjusting your diet to traditional whole foods, incorporating physical activity that energizes instead of depleting you, correcting disturbed sleeping patterns, and making play a more prominent part of your daily life. Other approaches like intermittent fasting are based on ancient traditions of fasting along with modern research to support its use for weight management, brain health, and healthy aging. At Alchemy, we work with you to develop an effective plan that goes beyond addressing your health concerns to optimizing your enjoyment of life, whatever your age.
Healing Anxiety, Depression and Trauma
Leading-edge research demonstrates how mental health is intimately connected to how well the body, mind and heart communicate. Using a combination of the most effective approaches of nutrition, counselling, supplements, herbal medicine, meditation,  and mind-body techniques (including Reiki and Tapping), I help people achieve peak mental performance. Whether you want to heal anxiety, permanently lift depression, or optimize your memory, the Alchemy approach can help you meet these goals.  I also treat children with a range of psychoneurological conditions including AHDD, ADD, and ASD.
Naturopathic Pediatrics 
You want the absolute best for your children in the present and for their futures. Naturopathic medicine can effectively address health concerns that sometimes conventional medicine doesn’t treat effectively. Or perhaps the medications work well but you are concerned about the possible long-term effects of conventional treatment on your children. In addressing your children’s concerns, I focus on building a foundation of sound nutrition, stress management, and activity to optimize the long-term health of your child, from infancy to adolescence.