The Daily Love

Lately, I have been exploring on-line coaching resources and have joined a few email lists. One of note is TDL (or “The Daily Love”) written by guy called Mastin. What I really appreciate about his daily messages is the idea of persistence. He writes an entry every day whether he feels particularly inspired or not. In this daily commitment, his member list has grown as has his reach. He has been interviewed by Oprah and will be publishing a book through Hay House soon. And to think that a year ago, he was couch-surfing. He had a dream of a bigger, better presence for himself and persisted through all of the challenges. In many ways, Mastin is an inspiration to me. To do what I feel compelled to do, in the service of the highest good of all beings, regardless of any difficulties that may arise. Writing these blog entries helps me to clarify what’s inside of me while also connecting with kindred spirits like you. How will you take action towards the realization of your gift today? How will you let your light shine?